About RTS Board

Main operator of RTS Board is NP RTS Association, which comprises a number of companies such as RTS Tender (operating 2nd largest state procurement electronic trading platform in Russia), Saint Petersburg Exchange (operating trading platform with one of the broadest scope of commodities traded in Russia, basic exchange for new projects of creating First Russian Global Equities Market), Clearing Centre MFB, Best Efforts Bank and other businesses.

RTS Board is information system containing indicative quotes of non-listed securities. Securities in respect of which indicative quotes may be submitted to RTS Board system are non-publicly traded on stock exchange (organized markets) and other financial instruments.

RTS Board list of instruments includes securities of Russian issuers of different capitalization and industry sectors.

Leading Russian investment companies and major banks have access to the RTS Board. Information on indicative quotes of securities in the RTS Board is available through Thomson Reuters terminals (0 # BRD.RTS), Prime terminal (RTS Board). Start of broadcasting of the RTS Board quotes through Bloomberg terminals is planned for the second half of 2017.

Advantages of RTS Board:

  • Variety of instruments for investment;
  • Efficient "on-line" communication with market professionals;
  • Placing and following monitoring of indicative securities quotes included in the RTS Board list of instruments;
  • Extensive opportunities of registration and execution of securities transactions;
  • Securities and participants searching system and opportunity of viewing information about them;
  • Simple system of adding securities (minimum requirements to the applicant and quick implementation of instrument into the system).

The RTS Board access is supported by web interface of technological platform named Quatro.

Access to the RTS Board Trade is executed using EDS.


RTS Board covers a broad range of issuers from any Russian economy`s industry sector and represents companies all over Russia, from the Baltic Sea to the Far East.


RTS Board brings together more than 100 participants